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Anzu Furukawa

Active Dates

1970s – 2000s

was born in Tokyo in 1952 in 1972-75 studied under professor Yoshiro Irino in the Toho-gakuen College of Music since 1973 worked as a choreographer, performer and scenarist in various groups in Japan and Europe on many international festivals, i.a. in 1979 worked as a solo dancer in the Dairaku-kan buto group in 1979-86 was founding and leading, together with Tetsuro Tamuro, the Dance Love Machine group in 1987 founded the Dance Anzu dance school in Tokyo and began solo performances in Japan and Europe in 1987 created many successful works, eg. Anzu´s Animal Atlas, Cells of Apple, Faust II, Rent-a-body, The Detective from China, and A Diamond as big as the Ritz since 1991 as a professor of performing arts in Germany died Oct 23, 2007


  • Berlin, Germany

Relationship to other butoh artists